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A Tour Guide For Motorcycle Trip To Ladakh

Posted by Admin on September, 23, 2019

A motorcycle tour for Leh Ladakh is the dream of almost every biker. It is definitely the lifetime trip for every adventure-seeker. Visiting the ‘Land of High Passes’ riding bikes is definitely better thrilling.

The scenic beauty of Ladakh is mindblowing and just beyond the words. Crystal clear lakes, barren lands, age-old monasteries, snow-clad mountains, green spots of places, palaces, and many more will lure your heart. The higher altitudes attract the bikers as an exhilarating challenge to overcome it. It’s a fabulous opportunity to make a bike trip to Ladakh for testing your spirit.

This article aims to help you prepare your journey and all required guidance for overcoming the possible challenges.

Best time to visit:

Ladakh is snow-covered almost all through the year. So, it’s best to visit the ‘High lands of Passes’ during the summer months. The months of May and June remain warm here. After then monsoon starts. July to September is the rainy season here. These two seasons make the best time to make a bike ride through Ladakh.

During summer, you may experience a pleasant bike expedition via Manali to Spiti and finally to reach the region of Ladakh. Even if you want you can proceed to Srinagar also in this way. May – September is the perfect time to make a Himalayan bike trip.

How many days are required to plan a bike tour in Ladakh?

The total number of days you want to engage in your motorcycle tour for Leh Ladakh is dependent upon your route, i.e. what do you want to cover on your trip. You can begin your expedition from Delhi or Manali, the choice is yours. Or, you can take a flight to Leh and get bikes on rent for Leh Ladakh.

• From Delhi – you will take 15-18 days time
• From Manali – you will take 10 days time to cover maximum places
• Flight to Leh – you will save a wholesome time to travel and you will need around 7-8 days time to make a memorable experience.

In gist, it can be said that the route of traveling you choose and the number of places you want to cover will be a decider for your travel time. But approximately you will need 7-18 days time to finish your memorizing bike trip.

The best route to travel along:

There are two major routes to explore Ladakh via motorcycle. The first one is from Manali and the second one is from Srinagar.
The ride from Manali will make you pass through Rohtang Pass to enter the land of Ladakh.

The route from Srinagar is no less thrilling but is less popular among the bikers.

You can choose your route according to your adventure instincts. For a better experience, you can choose both the routes one to start and another to finish. For example, plan your journey from Delhi and proceed through Manali. And, end your trip at Srinagar.

If you have not your own bike you will get bikes on rent for Leh Ladakh tour. Just select the right time to go and a little bit of planning regarding the routes, itineraries, etc. will make your trip unforgettable forever.

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